When you point one finger at someone, three others are pointing right back at you.

Regardless of what anyone else thinks or says, you will make that decision because you feel it is the right decision. It may be a relationship decision, a career decision, a business decision, a health decision, etc, whatever it is, it is your decision to make.Right vs wrong is a judgment call and you will always have someone who will judge you. Oh well, move forward and do what is right for you. But remember, with every decision, comes an outcome. If you are going to move forward with the decision, you have to learn to embrace the outcome, regardless of what it looks like.

Many times, the outcome of our decisions may not show up with results we had hoped for or that we had predicted. The true power comes from embracing, non-judgmentally the results of your decision. Do not feel shamed by it, do not feel guilty by it, and do not worry about hearing “I told you so”. Use your experiences to help you learn, grow, and become a better and stronger version of yourself. Stay focused in gratitude and allow yourself to turn your experiences into teaching moments, growing moments, teaching you to survive and learn something new about yourself every moment of every day. This will teach you self-love, self-forgiveness and self-empowerment.