I am a published author, based in Dallas TX. I was born in Vancouver, Canada, raised in Nairobi, Kenya where I lived for 17 years and my native roots are Gujarati, Indian. I have a BA in Honors Sociology from York University in Toronto, Canada. My professional work experience has included working in Nairobi, Vancouver and Dallas where  I have served people from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds. I have worked with low income families, refugees, older adults, street children as well as abused and neglected children. I am passionate about building awareness and promoting diversity in communities. I speak English, Gujarati, Hindi, Swahili and Urdu and some French and Kutchi. I have also had some training in American Sign Language and learning about Deaf culture while I attended college.

In 2015, I left my marriage after 7 years which began my journey as a seeker, a dreamer and a purpose filled traveler.  I turned to the practice of mindfulness, meditation and writing to help me with healing and self-expression. Meditation started my inward journey tapping into unhealed life traumas and coping with stuck emotions such as anger, disappointment, grief, pain, regret, shame and guilt. Writing has helped me express outwardly what I continue to discover.  My life experiences have taught me my best lessons – something no textbook or no degree could ever teach me.  It is these life lesson tools that I share to help people who are also looking to discover their true potential and create purpose in their lives.

As a Reiki practitioner, I also believe in the power and importance of self-healing in order to grow and become the best versions of our self.  Practicing Reiki and becoming a published author and speaker and most importantly a single mom, I feel excited about what lies ahead and feel blessed to be able to share my journey of awakening, healing and purpose with you.

As the Founder of  m+m series initiative, I strive to bring the practice of mindfulness and meditation to as many communities as possible. I collaborate with like minded individuals who share my vision to spread the love of meditative practices and healing to help individuals find meaning and purpose in their lives. Mindfulness is not related or affiliated with any religious or cultural practices and my work involves making clear that these practices can be very individualized and unique regardless of one’s race, religion, culture or ethnic origin.

Let us walk together, as one, on this journey of progressive growth and awakening so that we can unfold our soul’s divine life purpose together.

For inquiries about booking me to speak at your next event, for author visits, or mindfulness classes or any other information requests, please contact me.

How would I describe myself? Mother, writer, speaker, healer, dreamer, idealist, seeker and game changer.

My message to you: “Dream big, dream wild. Nothing is impossible when you have pure intention, love, will and faith in God.  Everything else is fear”