We crave love yet we fear it

Social media, dating websites, dating apps – all collectively are being used as tools, so that the seeker of love, the inquisitive lover can go out and find that perfect match. But yet, when we meet that special person, when we share moments of complete bliss with them, when we lock lips and intertwine our bodies with theirs, when we become one, and feel whole and complete in that very moment that we are together, we fear expressing how we feel. We fear uttering the dreaded 3 words, “I love you” because apparently it may be too soon, or we may be “moving too fast”, or we may “not be ready for that type of commitment”. It is ironic and almost completely ridiculous in a sense, that while we are ready to whole heartedly be completely open and intimate with an individual, open communication to articulate and express the perfection, the pure bliss, the love in the moment through words, is almost like performing the ultimate crime. Those dreaded three words, “I love you” inevitably make the person on the receiving end want to run the other way. Ironically, giving yourself intimately, sexually, lovingly to them seems totally justified and appropriate. But don’t you dare say “I love you”.

We truly do not understand love. We give out mixed messages to the universe about it. We want it, yet we don’t. We crave it, yet we fear it. We long for it, yet we push it away. Why do we cease to recognize the purity and beauty in the emotion of love? Why are we not ready to embrace and accept that love can manifest itself beautifully in different ways, with different people, under difference circumstances?And therefore, the simple expression and articulation of those three words “I love you” can be the icing on the cake, that makes the experience complete and perfect, and perhaps that’s all we need. Can’t we just complete it without fear? I say, let’s just be love, let’s just be in love; with ourselves, with each other and with the moment. Simple yet beautiful.

I love you!

Farahana Surya Namaskar