Dreams into realities

How will we know and what steps do we take or prevent ourselves from taking to find out all the answers to these questions?

In my effort to seek the answers to all these questions after I was completely unfulfilled, sad, depressed, disappointed with the way my life course had directed me, I decided there had to be more in life to just this.

I took the leap of faith to free myself from all the shackles that trapped me into a box that served someone else’s purpose. I made the decision to get divorced and as a single mother, decided to venture off to seek the answers to all the questions I had been asking God for so long. I recognized I had dreams, big dreams that would change my life and would impact the world and I am now on the journey to discover all that I truly am and all that I am yet to become.

I am living my life with purpose and intention according to my terms and my dreams. My faith in God has grown deeply since this journey has begun and I continue to grow and learn. My awakened journey is not only impacting me, but also people I speak to, who I coach, and who I mentor, and of course, my beautiful five year old son, my earth angel, my soul mate. I will continue on this journey of purpose knowing that God is on my side and I have the power to manifest the life I want to see for myself.

My thoughts become my dreams, and my dreams are becoming and will continue to become, my reality. That is what I want for myself, and that is what I want for you. Let us walk this journey together, a journey where we can mutually share our love, share our passion, share our purpose, and make this world a better place, one soul at a time.