A Light


I have a light
That’s deep down within
It shines like the sun
It can conquer all that has been

Fear has controlled me
Doubt has worried me
Enough is enough
I’m setting myself free

Alas I know better
That hardships are a must
To grow and become stronger
To help me shake off all the dust

I promise to shine it
Wherever I go
From today I do promise
This will be the flow

I am in control
Of this Divine light
It was gifted to me by God
Never to diminish try as you might

I am bigger I am better
No matter what anyone says
I am here for a purpose
And my fire is ablaze

I vow once and for all
My life is going to change
Moving forward from today
There will no longer be any rage

My soul it will guide me
Towards a life filled with love
God is by my side
Shining from up above

My dreams are my future
I see them right before me
In divine time I will manifest
All the beauty I can see

Dear God I profess
You are in my heart
I feel you within
I will ALWAYS do my part

I have a light
That is radiating around me
It’s contagious I share it
It has created a brand new me

Farahana Surya Namaskar