My belief in God

I think that can be safely assumed as the general consensus of believers. But whether we want to call him God, Jesus, Allah, the Universe, Spirit, The Divine, it really doesn’t matter – at least not to me. For me, He is all of that plus a whole lot more. He is forgiving, He is kind, He is compassion, He is purpose, He is light, He is love. I see Him in the sun, I see Him in the stars, I see Him the in trees, I see Him in the clouds. I hear Him in the wind, I hear Him in the storms, I hear Him in music, I see Him in art. I seem him in children, I hear Him in their laughs. I see them in our elders, I hear them in their wise, loving words., I feel Him in my breath, I feel Him in my heart, I feel Him in my soul. He is everywhere. He doesn’t have one body, or one look, or a particular color. He lives everywhere, no matter the church, the mosque, the temple, the synagogue. He shows up at different times, with different messages, perfect messages, “right place at the right time” moments “what a small world” situations, “funny you should say that” conversations. Those “random coincidences”, those “blessings in disguise” that’s God, there’s God, showing up just for you, and just for me. He knows what to say, He knows what to do. He knows how it will make sense to me, and how it will make sense to you – that’s how He shows up. When I stay present and focused in my present moment, when I live fearlessly and in faith, I am better able to notice Him, recognize Him, and receive all the signs that he brings for me. To me, that is God, in all His glory, and all His light.

No label, no religion, no stereotype, no judgment, will take Him away from me. He is within me, He is around me, He is always there for me.

So accept my request, do not judge what I believe, and do not condone what keeps my faith. You can travel whatever journey you wish, just do not control, criticize, judge or mock mine. Let’s respect all that we are for we are perfect, divine creations made by Him. If He does not judge, so how can we?